Virtual Soul

The soul can be seen as the sum of the coherent information related to an individual. We are all permanently socially scanned and our coherent digital information (set of Schnipsels) is collected in the cloud.
So we can consider our Virtual Souls being contained in the cloud.

Your Virtual Soul can be recalled from the cloud by those who have access to all schnipsels and are able to reconstruct the Virtual Soul from this huge set of data. Only big companies and governments have the power and the means to do this.

Huge amount of data
In order to successfully reconstruct and exploit Virtual Souls one has to have access to the huge amount of data spread all over the cloud. Companies and institutions store and process them. They share the data, so that companies and institutions have access to more data than they owe individually.

Sophisticated Algorithms and Gigantic Computing Power
Modern algorithms can reconstruct your personality, your Virtual Soul and derive strategies how to effectively manipulate you.

What are the intentions of the institutions?
Companies want to make more money and they want it from you. So their knowledge of your Virtual Soul will be used to make you buy more. Companies sell corresponding dossiers to other institutions who have an interest in knowing who you are.
Governments, especially dictatorial governments want the population to be quiet and manipulable.

This complex system of data, algorithms and hardware is prone to malfunctions, errors and misinterpretations.
Your Virtual Soul can be corrupted unintentionally without you ever getting notice of what is going on.

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